10 Things You Want During Pregnancy

You have a pregnancy test in your hands, and yes, it's positive! Right now, nine months seemed like a long time. But this period will pass in the blink of an eye.

One day you're checking out pregnancy care tips and the next day, you're reading about how to put your baby to sleep. Before those busy days begin, you really need to give yourself time to enjoy them.

When you are pregnant, it is free time to pursue your hobbies and indulge yourself in the little pleasures of life.

Well, here are 10 things you can do while pregnant instead of worrying:

1. Be spontaneous - Don't hold back on impromptu plans. Say yes to every plan that pops up, out of the blue. Once the baby is born, you can say goodbye to any spontaneity.

2. Stay outside - Go outside, paint the city red! The night will never be your own night after you give birth. So now it's time for a long night, do what you love.

3. Spend your day in bed - Being in bed all day will be a luxury once the nine months are over. Trust me, give yourself extra time in bed, so you get tired of sleeping.

4. Enjoy luxury - Instead of using a bag as a place to store pregnancy care tips book, flaunt it as an accessory with a dress that is no less cute. You won't be able to enter it once the bumps start appearing.

5. Take a long bath - Get out scented candles, bath oils and fancy towels, plug your music system into relaxing music and make a splash out of it.

6. Watch your favorite binge - Time to beat every season of your favorite TV show paired with a bowl of popcorn or chips. Are you happy?

7. Choose a movie - On a movie date night, insist on watching your favorite movie. Because you have to be the one who accompanies your child for film demands.

8. Read to your heart's content - Take time to read your favorite books, not just about good parenting. You will not get this luxury, when you have to look after your child, running around the house.

9. Go to dinner - Go ahead, treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner. You deserve it. Soon, going to dinner will be a wishful thinking.

10. Take an hour to style your hair - Now is the time you can. Washing luxurious long hair, followed by blow drying and combing hair with a hairbrush. Take the time to dress up in front of the mirror.

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