How to make a beautiful living room wall decoration

The living room doesn't always have to be formal. There's nothing wrong with decorating your living room beautifully despite its modest size.

Plain walls also need a touch so that they are not monotonous when viewed. There is a way to arrange the living room wall hangings to make it more interesting to look at and of course more comfortable for anyone who visits.

Origami Paper Plants Wall Hanging

When we visited a friend who had a daughter, she loved the various wall decorations and she decorated them in cute and beautiful ways, one of which was using origami paper made in such a way and one of the themes was plants.

This managed to attract the attention of people who saw the room. You can imitate it too.

The easiest way to form plants on a living room wall is to use origami paper. There are many forms of plants and leaves that you can find on the internet for reference. In addition you need to prepare origami paper of various colors, paper glue, and also scissors.

Make some patterns of leaves and other plants on origami paper.

Cut out the pattern that was made earlier

Make a pattern on the wall. You can make fall patterns, trees or other patterns.

After the pattern on the wall is complete. Apply on the back of the leaf and plant pattern pieces with adhesive glue

Then paste on the wall the pieces of leaves and plants according to the pattern you have made. Don't forget to make sure the leaves and plants stick perfectly to the wall

1. Plant-Origami-Paper Wallpaper

Instead of being a pile of garbage, it's better not to use magazines. How to make it is also very easy to apply.

  • Then unite each fan so that it forms a circle. Make sure the attachment between the fans is not too far.
  • Then attach it to the wall using glue.
  • You can repeat the manufacture of magazine fans with different sizes to give a different impression.
  • turned out to be easy.

2. How to decorate the living room

  • First form a polka dot pattern using a pencil. Make it in various sizes and in large quantities
  • Cut out the polka dot pattern that has been made
  • After all the patterns are cut out, apply glue to the colorless side of the polka dot pattern
  • Then paste the polka dot pattern on your living room wall
  • You can set random polka dot pattern



Who says wrapping paper is only used to wrap gifts. You can also use wrapping paper for living room wallpaper.

  • Measure the length and width of your living room wall first
  • Then prepare some wrapping paper with the same motif
  • Make sure your living room walls are free of objects
  • Prepare double-sided tape or paper glue
  • fix the glue on the back of the wrapping paper
  • After that you can start pasting the gift bag on the wall starting from the top of the wall
  • Make sure the wrapping paper is firmly attached to the wall.

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