5 Signs and Symptoms You Will Give Birth Soon

The few weeks leading up to your labor and delivery are going smoothly. Not being able to sleep at night, backaches, constantly going to the bathroom.. You're experiencing all sorts of aches and pains that sometimes it's hard to tell if it's part of the pregnancy or you're really going into labor soon.

Signs and symptoms are different for every mother-to-be, some experience them a month before delivery others just an hour before delivery.

Pay attention to the following signs and symptoms of the birth of a baby:

1 You may be very tired or full of energy

In the weeks or days leading up to labor, you may feel very tired (besides feeling tired all the time). Between heaviness, fatigue, and an active bladder, it's hard to get a good night's sleep. Some may feel like they are in bed all day, while others experience the opposite - a burst of energy.

There is a need for cleaning and prep around the house to make sure everything is done. This is called nesting.

2. Your baby will "come down"

This is called "lightning", where your baby descends into your pelvis, preparing to come out. This is a sign that labor is about to begin and you will be going to the bathroom more often to urinate and swaying more when you walk.

at least you'll be able to breathe easier when your little one is away from your lungs!

3. You have diarrhea

Many pregnant women experience diarrhea at different times during their pregnancy, but in the short time before it erupts, the diarrhea will come back again! This is because in preparation for labor, your uterine muscles begin to relax, as do the other muscles in your body, including your rectum. Don't forget to stay hydrated!

4. Your discharge changes color and consistency

When your baby is about to be born, your vaginal discharge will turn pink and thick - this is called a bloody show. You can also lose the mucus plug that seals you.

5. You will feel stronger contractions

During the third trimester, you will often feel Braxton Hicks contractions (exercise) so it is difficult to know if you are actually feeling a contraction. If you're nearing your due date and you're feeling stronger and having more contractions, it may mean you're going into labor or are about to give birth soon.

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