7 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

To get a good pregnancy we not only have to pay attention to physical health. Being healthy is very important in these times, but also being mentally calm, prepared, and happy. That's why we're going to give you ten keys to a happy and healthy pregnancy, where the mind and body blend harmoniously to welcome a new member into our lives.

1. Eat and drink healthy during pregnancy

The diet should be varied and balanced. The important thing is to eat foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins such as folic acid, iron, calcium, and iodine, but not fatty. The diet should be varied based on vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products and legumes, without forgetting the daily contribution of meat and fish protein.

A healthy diet includes maintaining proper hydration. Drinking enough water and milk to provide us with calcium is very important. We can also drink juice, preferably natural and unsweetened. Of course, forget about alcohol and coffee.

2. Take the recommended vitamin supplements

To complement a healthy diet, your doctor will recommend certain vitamin supplements that contain folic acid, along with other vitamin and mineral supplements that are also beneficial for pregnancy care.

3. Do exercise during pregnancy

To get an ideal health and weight, it is very important to do physical exercise according to our circumstances. Whether it's swimming, yoga, walking, the Pilates method...

By doing moderate and constant exercise, we will improve cardiovascular and muscle condition and support posture correction. All this will provide a better general physical condition for the pregnant woman and allow her to face a lower risk of pregnancy and childbirth.

4. Go to a medical visit

Visit your gynecologist regularly for appropriate tests and get adequate prenatal care. In this way we will monitor the health of the baby and our health, have the possibility of consulting specialists of all our doubts and fears, as well as discuss our birth plans. Prenatal tests will give us peace of mind, they will help us to get "closer" to the baby and with ultrasound, we will get their first images to remember.

5. Wear appropriate clothes

We should wear comfortable clothing (including shoes), according to the weight and volume gain we experience. This will help improve blood circulation, our movements are correct and not forced and the skin remains healthy. It's not about dressing like a bag of potatoes, because luckily pregnancy is no longer against fashion, and lots of shops sell pretty pre-mama clothes. Heels can wait but feel comfortable and beautiful with a nice "wrap" that supports the psychic well-being that is important at this time.

6. Take care of our skin

During pregnancy, it is important to apply sunscreen to prevent skin spots and burns. As a result of these hormones, the skin of pregnant women undergoes changes such as hyperpigmentation. In addition, anti-addictive creams are also important, namely preventing the appearance of these scars by stretching our skin, with particular attention during the last few months, when the skin stretches very quickly.

7. Have a good rest during pregnancy

The sleep and rest that our body needs is very important. Fatigue and sleep can accompany us from the start as one of the early symptoms of pregnancy and will hopefully just go away. But most likely we will feel very tired and sleepy again in the later stages of pregnancy. That's what the body needs, and we must listen to it, rest as much as possible, without forgetting that light exercise will allow us to rest and sleep better.

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