How to Cultivate Crab Well

The large number of crab hunting intended for consumption or other needs makes the crab population continues to grow.

Indeed, the nutritional content and taste are still in demand by the public. Therefore, the crab meat that grows from it is still one of the potential and promised benefits.

The difference between crab and minced meat at a glance


Many people misunderstand that crab is the same as the meat we enjoy so far. both are actually similar and come from the same family, but there are differences that separate the two.

The most striking difference we can see in the shape of the two legs. Crabs have long, flat crab legs. Crab shells generally form a wavy pattern, while crabs tend to be normal.

While crabs are generally found in the sea, many crabs grow on land because they can live in two areas, namely air and land. Crabs only last a lifetime in the ocean. For meat quality, crab meat is known to be sweeter and tastier than cultured crabs. In addition, the cultivation method should:

How to Cultivate Crab Crab

To run an abattoir business effectively without wasting a lot of money and opportunity, you need to understand the impact of this growing animal book. Various tillage and seed are also key elements that should not be missed.

1. Good land preparation

Crab meat plantations do not require a special place. Crayfish can survive in all soil conditions, even if it is an artificial pond. But that must be considered is the humidity and pH. The pH of the pond determines the success of the crab itself, so make sure the pH of the entire crab is between 7 and 8.


2. Crab Teacher Preparation

Crab meat cultivation requires good breast milk. Of course, a good nickname will make you a good puppy. Quality breast milk has the following characteristics:

  • Body looks healthy
  • Movement when held still refuses
  • There is no flaw in his body
  • Balanced body parts

3. Pool water quality is a major concern

Change the water in the pool at least once a week to maintain the quality of the pool water and keep it clean. Crayfish that are kept in good pond water will definitely produce good quality offspring.

If necessary, add a filter for air circulation in the room, and the meat will taste like it's in the habitat of compliments. To fill the pool at high tide, prepare a pump to anticipate delays in rising sea water.

4. Crab Cultivation Method

There are several ways we can do this. You can apply a floating cage system or nets installed near the beach. However, crab farmers usually decide to make ponds that are more practical. The ideal pool size is 50 x 100 meters.

A pond of this size can hold up to 100,000 small chopped seeds. If you get too many crab seeds, they will die, because the crabs feed each other. The swimming pool does not need to be a permanent pool, but it can also use a mesh size that is adjusted to the number of small chopped seeds.

5. Feeding Crayfish

Food that is usually served in small sizes is bulk fish which is cheap and easy to get. Feeding within a period of once a week, there is no possibility of feeding each other because of the crabs.

6. Enlargement and Fattening Step

The enlargement process is the process of enlarging crab seeds with a size of 30-50 grams per head to a weight of 200-300 grams per head. The fattening stage is the process of adding the weight of small pieces, initially 100-150 grams per head, to 200-300 grams per head.

For successful crab farming, it is best kept in a system called a battery system or sow up to 40 seeds per m2. So that the crabs do not fall out easily, you need to install a bamboo fence around the pond.

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