How to clean the correct car engine

Proper car maintenance will certainly make the car more durable and will generally have a stronger appeal. Of course, this cannot be separated from the attention of car owners in maintaining quality in each segment.

Well, of the many treatments, one that needs to be considered is the engine. Where in this case the treatment in question is tips on cleaning the car engine.

Of course, applying tips for cleaning a car engine is one thing that needs to be considered. This will make the engine on the car more durable and long lasting.

This is where the importance of caring for and maintaining cleanliness in the car engine sector lies. Thus, in addition to maintaining its performance, of course, the cleanliness factor in the car engine sector also deserves to be maintained by car owners.

Then, what are the right steps to clean the car engine to avoid dirt and dust? More curious huh?

The application of tips for cleaning a car engine is one of the steps that car owners must take. Are as follows.

1. Heat the Car Engine

In this case, the first step in car engine cleaning tips is to preheat the car engine before cleaning.

This step is an effort that is considered appropriate enough to make it easier for the dirt attached to the car engine grille to be cleaned. Given, in cold car engine conditions, dirt is usually difficult to clean.

Well, the heating time of the car is about 10 minutes. Do not be too long because later the car engine will actually be very hot which will make our hands hot when cleaning the car engine.

2. Don't forget to wear gloves

On the other hand, the steps to apply tips to clean a car engine that need to be done is to use gloves.

Why does this need to be done? Because it is undeniable that there are some substances that may be quite harmful to the skin, such as triggering allergies or itching.

Not only that, the use of these gloves will certainly prevent your hands from being electrocuted when cleaning the car engine.

Therefore, even though this is a trivial matter, of course the use of gloves here is quite important to ensure your safety when cleaning the hood.

Coating Machine That Has Electric Current With Aluminum Foil

The next way in tips for cleaning a car engine is to prepare aluminum foil as a wrapper for engine components that have electric power.

This step is very necessary to prevent the current from being sucked from the car engine.

In addition, the use of aluminum foil or similar insulating coating will keep the machine safe and not allow water to enter which could cause an electrical short inside the machine.

Cleaning Car Engine Components by Rinsing With Water

Then, another step in the hood cleaning process, try rinsing some of the engine components using a water hose.

First, clean the bottom of the car hood first by spraying water slowly. Next clean the car engine one by one carefully until there is no more dirt attached to the car engine.

Remember, spraying using a hose here, try using low pressure. In order not to damage the engine components that are susceptible to pressure.

3. Clean Car with Brush and Sponge

In the process of cleaning a car engine, all you need to do is use a brush and a sponge.

Scrub hard-to-reach areas or areas with a sponge until the dirt is gone. Then, wipe some of the components that are on the surface using a sponge.

The thing to remember is that when brushing or wiping the surface of the car with this sponge, it must be at the same time as the water flow from the hose so that the dirt can flow directly with the water flow.

4. Use Soap / Sunshine Soap

Usually on this car engine part there are a lot of residual oil stains that stick and are quite sticky on some surfaces of car engine components.

Well, for that you can use topical soap as a soap that is used to clean the former oil and dirt that sticks to the skin.