How to make an automatic gasoline-efficient motorbike

It is undeniable that scooters (automatic scooters) have indeed become two-wheeled vehicles that are very popular in the Indonesian automotive market.

This is inseparable from the ease of operation and maintenance that is not complicated, making many people choose a scooter as a personal vehicle.

It doesn't stop there, over time, the technology embedded in this scooter/motor matic is increasingly innovative and sophisticated, especially in the kitchen or engine sector.


However, the problem that most scooter users still face is the issue of fuel or gasoline which is still considered wasteful. Of course this is a special concern in the eyes of consumers who own this automatic motorbike.

On the one hand, it is not surprising that currently there are many tips to make automatic motorbikes fuel efficient so that the efficiency and effectiveness of using scooters is the right choice, especially in the current era where fuel prices continue to rise every year, although not significantly.

That way, it's natural that you, who might be the owner of an automatic scooter, need to know and understand how to make an automatic motorbike to be more fuel efficient.

There are several factors that are very influential and trigger the occurrence of excessive fuel consumption on the scooter. The following Mas Sena will summarize some of the causes of automatic motorcycles wasteful of gasoline.

1. Air Filter/Filter Fault

The first cause of wasteful gasoline is a problem that lies in the automatic motor air filter itself.

One of the problems with this air filter or filter is dust or dirt that sticks to the filter section. This will hinder the distribution of air that enters the combustion chamber, thus triggering more gasoline consumption.

For this reason, it is necessary to check the air filter on the automatic motor to prevent this from happening.

2. Worn Spark Plug

On the other hand, the thing that can cause an automatic motor to waste gas is because the spark plug is worn out.

Please note that the spark plug is an important component whose function is to trigger combustion when the engine is started. So, if the spark plug dies, fuel consumption will be provoked which makes gasoline consumption also increase.

If this problem occurs, it is appropriate that you replace the spark plugs on an automatic motor that meets the specifications and has a long durability.

3. Incomplete combustion process

Then, another cause that can occur is the incomplete combustion process as it should.

Generally, this condition is triggered by the main factor, namely the presence of a gap in the valve or valve that does not meet the manufacturer's standards.

To prevent combustion failure, always use gasoline or fuel with high octane levels so that the resulting combustion is also perfect and does not make fuel wasteful quickly.

4. It takes too long to heat up the engine motor

Warming up the motor engine is certainly a mandatory thing that must be done regularly. However, if the engine warm-up time is carried out for a long time, it will waste fuel.

Therefore, it is recommended to warm the motor engine, you can warm it up within 3 to 5 minutes every morning.

This will be able to save more fuel on your automatic motor to the maximum.

Here are tips for making a fuel efficient automatic motorbike that you can do with easy and independent steps.

5. Use High Octane Fuel

One of the tips so that the automatic motorbike is fuel efficient what you can do is fill up with gasoline or fuel on an automatic motorbike with a high octane level. Like Pertamax or Pertamax Plus.

Not without reason, considering the use of fuel with a high octane content will also make the motor pull automatically become much lighter.

In fact, the combustion becomes much more perfect so that fuel consumption can be reduced more efficiently.

6. Check Condition of Filter or Air Filter

The condition of the air filter on the scooter that you have is also one of the components that must be checked as a step to apply tips so that the automatic motor is fuel efficient. Because, the filter here affects the consumption and efficiency of fuel consumption.