Solution For Concrete Surface Repair

Concrete Surface Repair is often important at the construction stage of buildings, as well as older buildings.

Causes of damage to the concrete surface

In general, concrete floors and structures bear heavy loads. Heavy loads can cause damage and cracking or loss of floors and other concrete structures. The concrete surface is damaged.

Other causes are weather factors, natural conditions and the impact on the concrete surface.

Construction materials technology concrete surface repair solutions

The development of building material technology is currently so rapid. Instant mortar or more familiarly called dry mortar is one of the breakthroughs that allows the construction process to be faster and easier, with good construction strength results.

Manufactured with German m-tec technology with mixed accuracy which is the international standard for dry mortar manufacturing.

Construction work can be done faster because it is very easy to use (just add water), the results are neater and more economical, thus saving material and labor costs.

Concrete surface repair can be done using PRO-389

Faster processing time, thus saving costs.

The results of the work are even and neater.

“Instant Mortar is used to re-coat the defective concrete surface (hollow, rough or uneven) and finishing. Based on a homogeneous mixture of cement, silica sand, filters and additives.”

Spreading power± 8 m²


Packaging (Pouch)40 Kg

Application Thickness ± 3 mm

Water Needs8 – 8.5 Liters / Sak

With affordable prices, quality, instant cement products, concrete surface repair Pro 389, is the right choice.


Put the water as needed into the cleaned container.

Then pour enough into the mixing powder container

Stir with a mortar stirrer until well blended and smooth.

Apply the concrete area to be repaired with a cement spoon.

Smooth out layers of mortar with a flat leveling knife for a neat finish.